Monday, July 16, 2012

It's The Little Things- How Lace Can Transform A Blouse

As I hurdle further into the depths of a repinning frenzy, I begin to come upon the sad realization that I will never have, despite my fervent clicking, all the beautiful and unique clothes that grace the eclectic boards of Pinterest. I stare at a centaur-esque shirt- all cowboy party on top and chiffon business at the bottom. 

It's allure is the Ying Yang effect- the perfect balance of two
contrasting elements. It's as prevalent in Fashion trends as peanut butter and jelly is in a grade school cafeteria.

 As my little tribute to this, I 
created my own version of a balancing act by replacing the back of one of my denim shirts with thrifted lace shirt. Then I stitched a bit of leftover lace onto the front two pockets of the shirt.

Available at the Aster + Brine store at

Now I do understand that this requires time and access to a sewing machine which most of us don't have. Fear not for I have created a DIY to transform a blouse quickly from everyday to chic. 

You Will Need: A needle and thread, a 3"x3" cut of lace, scissors, and
                                                   a blouse

1. Clip a triangular piece off from two separate ends of the lace- any size will do. Make sure that it overlaps around to the back of the collar.

2.  Stitch the lace onto the blouse by threading through the middle of the collar instead of all the way through to the front. This will keep the thread hidden.

3. Knot the tie by stitching again and again in one spot and then looping it several times over. Now you have the finished piece!

Tip: Also looks great with gold fabric or studding to create a fully western look.

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